Cambric Printed & Embroidered Kurti - Sunny (P-199-19-Blue)
Go vibrant and stylish with defined floral patterns.--Cambric Printed & Embroidered Kurti
Rs.1,450.00 Rs.1,090.00
Cambric Printed Kurti - Roster Feather Motifs (RFM-20-W)
Immerse yourself in the finesses of this astounding kurti.--Cambric Printed Kurti
Rs.1,450.00 Rs.1,190.00
Cambric Embroidered & Printed Kurti - Zigzag (P-37-18-Khaaki)
Cambric Printed & Embroidered Kurti
Rs.2,000.00 Rs.1,290.00
Cambric Printed & Embroidered Kurti - Peculiar (P-21-21-Khaki)
Fine printed background, having embroidered upper front and borders edged with delicate laces.--Cambric Printed & Embroidered Kurti
Rs.1,595.00 Rs.1,090.00
Cambric Embroidered & Printed Kurti - Solid (P-206-19-AG)
A balanced arrangement of printed background, embroidered motif, and ravishing black lacework.--Cambric Embroidered & Printed Kurti
Rs.1,650.00 Rs.1,190.00
Cambric Printed & Embroidered Kurti - V-Neck (P-83-20-White)
Opt for shimmery patterns and electrifying colors this season.--Cambric Printed & Embroidered Kurti
Rs.1,395.00 Rs.1,190.00
Cambric Printed and Embroidered Kurti - Grace (P-127-19-TealGrey)
Cambric Printed and Embroidered Kurti.
Rs.1,795.00 Rs.1,190.00
Cambric Embroidered & Printed Kurti - Jail Break (P-202-19-Cream)
A mesmerizing array of floral work descending down the length of the shirt beautifully. A fine piece of artistry and exuberance!--Cambric Embroidered & Printed Kurti
Rs.1,595.00 Rs.1,090.00
Cambric Printed & Embroidered Kurti - Multi Bail (P-155-19-Black)
Black with whimsical colors are a perfect pick for casual evenings.--Cambric Printed & Embroidered Kurti
Rs.1,750.00 Rs.1,190.00
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